7 tips on how to prepare for your remote interview

Published on: 6/18/2020

Your CV got you through and you've made it to the interview(s). That's awesome! Here's some tips on how to handle them without breaking a sweat.

1. Be alone in a quiet room

A quiet room is important to make yourself heard. If there's background noise while you speak, it will distract your listener which instead of focusing on what you have to say will be focusing on your dog. You should also be alone. You want to look at the person interviewing you and pay attention, you don't want your attention being drawn as someone sits up, enters the door or signals you something.

Besides, this also shows how future meetings with you might look like. This was a planned meeting, so you should be able to book t

2. Wear clothes

All of them. Don't assume that because you're sitting you only need a shirt.

3. Make sure you have a headset and that it works properly

4. Double check the time zone

The easiest way to avoid timezone issues is for the recruiter to put the interview on the calendar. Calendar applications automatically handle timezones and will display the invite in your local time. However, if the recruiter doesn't send you a calendar invite, and only mentions a date and time, without specifying a time zone - make sure you confirm it with them. Some recruiters will use their own timezone when communicating, others will make an extra step and communicate in your local timezone. 

As an additional bonus, this shows the recruiter that you care about the interview, about being on time and that you pay attention to detail, that you know how to plan ahead. These small things can go a long way when choosing between two candidates that did similar in their interview. They make a good impression, and can unconsciously sway the decision in your favor. 

5. Exchange contact details upfront

6. Have your CV in front of you

7. Be ready to take notes

8. Have drinks ready